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The Scandalous Affairs of Candy Montgomery: Who Else Did Candy Have an Affair With?


The murder of Betty Gore in 1980 sent shockwaves through the quiet town of Wylie, Texas. The story that emerged was one of suburban infidelity, deceit, and a brutal killing. At the center of it all was Candy Montgomery, a suburban housewife who was having an affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. The question on everyone’s lips became, “Who else did Candy have an affair with?” This article delves into the story of Candy Montgomery, her illicit relationships, and the chilling crime that brought her into the public eye.

Candy Montgomery: The Suburban Housewife

Candace “Candy” Montgomery was a mother of two and a devoted wife to Pat Montgomery. The Montgomerys were well-liked in their suburban Texas community. Candy was involved in the local church and was considered friendly and outgoing. But behind the veneer of an idyllic suburban life, Candy felt a growing dissatisfaction with her marriage and the predictability of her daily routine.

The Affair with Allan Gore

The affair between Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore, husband to Betty Gore, would set the stage for a shocking sequence of events.

How It Began

Candy and Allan met at the Methodist Church of Lucas. Allan was quiet and reserved, while Candy was bubbly and outgoing. Despite their differences, Candy found herself drawn to Allan’s mild-mannered demeanor. They began talking regularly, sharing their frustrations about their respective marriages. Their conversations quickly escalated into flirtation, and soon, they agreed to have an affair.

The Affair’s Evolution

The affair was carefully planned. They arranged regular rendezvous at local motels, even developing a set of rules to ensure secrecy. They would meet only every two weeks and would always split the cost of the motel room. Candy even packed lunch for both of them.

The affair carried on for several months, with Allan expressing deep affection for Candy while maintaining his commitment to his wife, Betty. Eventually, Allan began to feel guilty and attempted to end the affair, citing his love for Betty and desire to save his marriage.

The Impact on the Gores and Montgomerys

Despite their efforts to keep the affair a secret, the impact on both marriages was profound. Allan’s guilt strained his relationship with Betty, who had become increasingly suspicious. Candy’s marriage to Pat also suffered due to her emotional distance. You can also read How Offers the Ultimate Beauty and Wellness Experience

Who Else Did Candy Have an Affair With?

Beyond her relationship with Allan Gore, rumors swirled about Candy Montgomery’s infidelity.

The Allegations Surrounding Her Romantic Past

Although her affair with Allan Gore was the most publicized, questions about other potential affairs soon arose. People wondered whether Candy had engaged in infidelity before or after her relationship with Allan.

Rumored Affairs with Other Local Men

Several townsfolk claimed that Candy’s flirtatious nature extended to other men in the community. Allegedly, she had a reputation for being charming and sociable, traits that may have facilitated potential extramarital relationships.

There was speculation that Candy had also been involved with a local man who worked in real estate and another who attended the same church. However, none of these rumors were ever substantiated with concrete evidence.

Addressing Speculations of Serial Infidelity

During her trial, defense attorneys sought to dispel the notion that Candy was a “serial cheater.” They portrayed her as a woman who was unhappy in her marriage and sought affection outside of it only once, with Allan. This strategy aimed to paint Candy as a one-time adulterer who ultimately ended her affair because of guilt.

Despite their efforts, the rumors of Candy’s infidelity with other men persisted, fueled by the shocking nature of Betty Gore’s murder.

Society, Expectations, and the Suburban Lifestyle

To understand Candy Montgomery’s behavior, it’s essential to consider the societal context she lived in.

Candy Montgomery’s Personal Conflicts

Candy found herself in a position familiar to many women of her time. She was a homemaker expected to maintain a perfect household while ensuring her family’s happiness. Yet, she craved excitement and passion, desires that her marriage to Pat Montgomery did not fulfill.

The Societal Pressures of Perfection

The 1980s suburbia demanded perfection. Women were expected to be flawless homemakers, supportive wives, and doting mothers. These pressures contributed to Candy’s growing frustration and may have played a role in her decision to have an affair.

The Brutal Murder of Betty Gore

On June 13, 1980, Betty Gore was found murdered in her home. She had been struck with an ax 41 times. Initially, the investigation focused on Allan Gore, but the attention quickly shifted to Candy Montgomery after neighbors recalled seeing her at the Gore residence earlier that day.

When questioned by the police, Candy claimed she had visited Betty to pick up a swimsuit for Betty’s daughter, Alisa, who was staying with the Montgomerys. But she insisted she had left shortly after.

The Trial of Candy Montgomery

As evidence mounted against her, Candy Montgomery was charged with Betty Gore’s murder. The trial became a media sensation.

Pleading Self-Defense

Candy pleaded not guilty, claiming she had killed Betty in self-defense. She alleged that Betty had confronted her about the affair and attacked her with an ax. In a panic, Candy grabbed the weapon and struck back. Her defense team argued that Candy, suffering from childhood trauma, had been triggered by the confrontation.

Public Reaction and Verdict

The public was divided over Candy’s defense. Some sympathized with her as a victim of Betty’s aggression, while others believed she had committed premeditated murder. In the end, the jury found Candy not guilty, believing her story of self-defense.

Aftermath and Legacy

Life After the Trial

After the trial, Candy Montgomery and her family moved away from Texas, seeking to escape the notoriety. They changed their names and tried to lead normal lives. However, the scandal followed them, and they could never fully shed the stigma of the trial.

Cultural Impact

The story of Betty Gore’s murder and Candy Montgomery’s affair has remained in the public consciousness for decades. It has inspired several documentaries, books, and a television series.


The question, “Who else did Candy have an affair with?” continues to intrigue people. While rumors of other affairs remain unconfirmed, the story of Candy Montgomery provides a glimpse into the complexities of suburban life, infidelity, and the consequences of unmet desires. The trial and its aftermath have left an indelible mark on popular culture, reminding us that beneath the façade of suburban perfection lies a web of secrets waiting to unravel.

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