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Built for Duty: A Review of Alien Gear’s Rapid Force Holster

Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster

So you’ve been on the hunt for a new holster and came across Alien Gear Holsters’ Rapid Force duty holster. As a law enforcement or military professional, you know how important it is to have gear you can count on, day in and day out. You need something comfortable yet rugged, secure yet fast, that can keep up with the demands of the job. Alien Gear Holsters designed the Rapid Force specifically for people like you who need a holster that won’t let them down when it matters most. Over the course of your career, you’ve probably tried a few different holsters that didn’t quite cut it before finding “the one” – but from the looks of it, the Rapid Force may just be the holster you’ve been searching for. This review will give you an inside look at everything the Rapid Force has to offer to help you determine if it’s the perfect fit for your needs. The only question left is – are you ready to experience a holster built for duty?

Innovative Design: Adjustable Retention and Modular Mount

The Rapid Force holster’s innovative design gives you adjustable retention and modular mounting options for the perfect custom fit.

  • The holster’s retention is fully adjustable via an easy-to-turn dial, letting you tighten or loosen how securely it grips your firearm. Crank it up for high-activity duty use where lots of movement could dislodge your weapon, or loosen it for quick drawing in emergency situations. Either way, your gun will stay put until you need it.
  • The holster’s modular mounting system works with most belts and allows you to attach and detach it quickly. Want to switch from belt to paddle mount or between firearms? No problem. The mounts slide on and off in seconds, so you can change your setup on the fly.
  • Speaking of firearms, this holster fits hundreds of different handgun makes and models. As long as you have a standard full-size or compact pistol, the Rapid Force likely has you covered.

With its innovative retention dial, swappable mounts, and wide range of firearm compatibility, the Rapid Force gives you unparalleled flexibility and control in a duty holster. If you’re looking for a holster as adaptable and dependable as you are, this may be the perfect choice for your essential gear. Staying safe and prepared for any situation just got a whole lot easier.

Secure Fit: The Rapid Force Holster Won’t Let Your Firearm Down

The Rapid Force holster was built to securely carry your firearm during intense activity. Its adjustable retention system and rugged build keep your weapon locked in place whether you’re chasing down a perp or wrestling a suspect to the ground.

The holster features an automatic retention system with multiple settings so you can adjust how tightly it grips your gun. Crank it up for high-movement operations or loosen it for a quick draw – the choice is yours. The retention mechanism is also designed to release only when your weapon is drawn properly at an upward angle, preventing grabs from the sides or below.

Constructed of durable boltaron material, this holster can take a beating. Its reinforced edges and joints are made to withstand impacts, abrasions, and the stress of daily carry and use. The Rapid Force holster attaches securely to your belt with either a paddle or belt slide, keeping your firearm firmly in place no matter how much you move around.

For maximum versatility, the Rapid Force holster is compatible with most semi-automatic handguns and available in sizes to fit firearms of various barrel lengths and slide configurations. So whether you prefer a compact Glock 19 for daily patrol or a full-size H&K USP for tactical operations, Alien Gear has you covered.

When duty calls, you need gear you can count on. With its rugged build, adjustable retention, and versatile fit, the Alien Gear Rapid Force holster is a reliable way to carry and keep control of your sidearm in any situation. Staying prepared has never been so reassuring.

All-Day Comfort: Breathable Neoprene and Ventilated Backing

Breathable Neoprene

The Rapid Force holster is made of a breathable neoprene material that helps prevent excessive sweating while wearing the holster. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that is flexible, durable, and water resistant. It’s commonly used in wetsuits and other athletic gear because it’s comfortable against the skin and breathable. The neoprene construction means this holster will hold up well to daily use and keep you comfortable even during long shifts.

Ventilated Backing

In addition to the neoprene, the Rapid Force holster features a ventilated backing with cutouts that allow air to circulate. This helps prevent heat and moisture buildup between the holster and your body. The ventilated design, along with the breathable neoprene, work together to keep you cool and dry all day long. You won’t have to deal with an uncomfortable, sweat-soaked holster at the end of your shift thanks to these thoughtful, cooling features.

All-Day Comfort

Between the breathable neoprene, ventilated backing, and Alien Gear’s signature gel-infused holster base, the Rapid Force is built for all-day comfort and wearability. The materials are flexible and move with your body, avoiding any pinching or chafing. The gel layer creates a barrier between the holster and your hip to prevent irritation. With its breathable, cooling properties and gel cushioning, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing the Rapid Force holster during long days on the job.

Overall, Alien Gear designed the Rapid Force holster with comfort in mind so you can focus on your duties without distraction from an uncomfortable holster. The premium, high-performance materials come together to create a holster you can wear for extended periods without issue. If you’re looking for an all-day, duty-ready holster, the Alien Gear Rapid Force is a fantastic, comfortable option.

Durability Built to Last Through Years of Service

Built Tough

The Rapid Force holster is constructed from durable boltaron, a rigid plastic that stands up to years of daily use and abuse. Unlike leather, boltaron won’t stretch, warp or crack over time. It’s also non-porous, so it won’t absorb sweat, grime or odors that can build up during long shifts.

Weather Resistant

Boltaron is highly resistant to weather, chemicals and stains. Rain, snow, dirt and grime will simply wipe away. The holster can even withstand exposure to oils, solvents and corrosive materials without damage. You’ll never have to worry about the elements affecting your holster’s performance.

Secure Retention

The Rapid Force uses an automatic retention lock system to securely hold your firearm in place. An internal retention lock engages automatically when the weapon is holstered to prevent it from shifting or falling out, even with vigorous movement. Yet, the lock releases swiftly when grasping the firearm for a quick, smooth draw. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your weapon is safely retained until needed.

Built to Endure

Reinforced stitching, rugged hardware and a durable design mean this holster is built to handle years of duty. It’s meant to endure long days, harsh conditions and operational use without fail. Alien Gear stands behind the Rapid Force holster with an unparalleled lifetime warranty. If anything ever happens to damage or break your holster, they’ll repair or replace it for free. You can feel confident this holster will last as long as your career.

Between its durable, weather-resistant boltaron constructions, automatic retention lock and lifetime warranty, the Rapid Force holster from Alien Gear is built to withstand the demands of duty and last through years of service. Its rugged yet comfortable design will give you the confidence to focus on the job at hand, knowing your sidearm is secure and at the ready when needed.

FAQs: Your Questions about the Rapid Force Holster Answered

Will the Rapid Force holster work with my firearm?

The Rapid Force holster was designed to accommodate over 200 of the most popular duty pistols and revolvers on the market. As long as your sidearm has a barrel length between 3 to 6 inches, there’s a good chance Alien Gear makes a shell that will fit it. The holster shells are interchangeable, so you can easily swap between different firearms.

How adjustable is the Rapid Force holster?

This duty holster provides multiple adjustment points so you can customize the carry angle, retention, and ride height to your needs. The holster attaches to a rigid paddle platform with an adjustable paddle that can be moved to change the carry angle from straight drop to FBI cant. The retention shell also adjusts to provide the right amount of grip on your firearm. Lastly, the ride height is adjustable in 0.5-inch increments. With all these options, you’ll be able to find your perfect settings.

How durable and long-lasting is the Rapid Force holster?

Alien Gear built this holster to withstand the harshest conditions. It’s made from a durable Boltaron thermoplastic and reinforced with a rigid paddle platform and steel components. The holster is water resistant and built to last for years of everyday carry and use. Alien Gear also backs the Rapid Force with their Iron-Clad Guarantee which provides a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Will the Rapid Force holster irritate my skin?

The Rapid Force holster was designed with comfort in mind. It features a moisture-wicking neoprene backer that creates an extra layer of padding between the holster and your body. The neoprene is soft yet durable and helps prevent chafing and irritation. The adjustable paddle platform also allows you to distribute weight and achieve an optimal balance for all-day comfort. With its premium materials and thoughtful design, the Rapid Force holster aims to keep you comfortable while on duty.


So there you have it, an affordable and dependable option for those of you in law enforcement or security roles where carrying a firearm is part of the job. The Alien Gear Rapid Force holster gets the job done without breaking the bank. It’s built to last through the daily grind while keeping your weapon securely in place and at the ready when needed. If you’ve been searching for a reasonably priced duty holster that doesn’t cut corners in the quality department, look no further. The Rapid Force delivers on both comfort and functionality. 

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